There is roughly 2 million kiwis using Facebook daily, Facebook is a untapped marketing solution that you need to capitalise on.

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What is Facebook?

Facebook advertising is a service which allows you to advertise your business directly to Facebook users based on a number of different targeting options including location and interests.

Why do you need Facebook?

  • Target Marketing: Find specific demographics of people based on age, personal interests and more.
  • Ads: Your Ads will only be shown to people who express interest in the services or products you provide.
  • Clicks: You only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your page. No Visit, no fee.
  • Page: More relevant people see your page, more relevant inquiries for business.

What Claw Marketing does for you

  • Target specific and custom audiences
  • Campaign review to calculate your ROI
  • Track number of clicks through to site
  • Run competitions
  • Professional campaign strategy advice
  • Run special offer campaigns
  • Post on your behalf
  • Increase your likes